T Swift’s got haterz in public accounting

We got the most amazing submission the other day.  Looks like this guy couldn’t take the time to read his own writing.  Someone with convos this passionate should lay off the Ctrl+V, me thinks.


You can even tell where he accidentally copy-pasted a separate IM conversation in by the font change.  A few things:

  • Let’s keep the homophobic slurs to a minimum, and by that I mean get rid of them.  You’re at work.  It’s 2013.
  • “Same as prior year” – what a waste of characters, and the time it took me to read them.
  • He believes very strongly in Casey Donahew Band, so I’ll check them out.  I wonder if he was able to persuade the associate he sent this to?
  • “REAL country didn’t leave it’s just hiding from everyone in Texas.”  Insert over-used joke here: Real Country must have won every round of hide-and-seek as a kid.  Nailed it!
  • If Texas Country is “the best there is”, how is it hiding from everyone in Texas?
  • “FUCK NASHVILLE.” Totally – O’Doyle rules!
  • “There will be no […] prepared, same as prior year.” I just love the placement of this bullet.  This means that after his copy-paste mishap he continued to write the instructions… HOW did he not SEE this before sending to a group of strangers?

I give the guy credit for getting so excited over country music – maybe I should ask him for tips on finding your passion.  But this doesn’t change my feelings about Taylor Swift.


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