Vacation, all I ever wanted

After 4 months of 60-70 hour work weeks I did not waste any time scheduling vacations far, far away from Bangalore. I’d say vacation officially started at the April 15th/deadline party.  The party was at Arbor Brewing Company near the … Continue reading

Hero to zero

When I learn friends have left public accounting, I feel like I’m witnessing the wrongfully accused breaking out of prison.  Oh sure, I know why the caged bird sings.  I become their biggest fan, cheering them on in an imaginary race … Continue reading

If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll probably get Holi all over your new carpet

Happy Holi!  We killed it today at work.  No one expressly prohibited us from celebrating in the office, thus we took advantage.  It was tame enough to start, with people shaking hands, exchanging Happy Holi’s, and applying small stripes to each others’ … Continue reading