I’m cool.  I’m 26 and work for a large public accounting firm.  I’m currently on rotation in India as part of a one year assignment.

Mother Trucker

I graduated in 2010, and moved to Chicago a few months later to work for the firm I had interned with.  The internship wasn’t great, but the market was in the shitter and college grads with no experience weren’t exactly in high demand. I have entertained the idea of quitting ever since.

To be fair, the job is not 100% terrible.  On good days I feel I am learning, appreciate my salary, and think it’s fine for now.  On not-so-good days I might wonder if I can “see myself here long-term”.  But most days I’ll tell anyone that will listen that my job is crushing my soul, making me fat and ruining my life.

Why haven’t I quit?  Like I said, the job is not that terrible.  I mean it’s bad, but as my dad likes to remind me, I could be delivering pizzas.  Touché, Dad.  There are a lot of reasons I haven’t left yet – money, I learn stuff, besides the hours my job is pretty easy (Tick-Tie-Repeat), etc.  The primary reason, though, is I just don’t know what else to do.

Sound familiar? It should, cause when I whine people tell me “everyone” feels this way.  As in:

“Everyone hates their jobs”,
“Everyone hates public accounting”,
“All entry-level jobs suck”,
“No one in their twenties knows what they want to do”, and (my personal favorite) –
“You need to pay your dues”.

Whatevs, I don’t buy it.  People are happy somewhere.  So, if you don’t really like your job but don’t know what else you’d do and you feel angst-y about it and you don’t think it’s OK to be unhappy simply because you’re at the beginning of your career, maybe you’ll enjoy this blog.  I’d say it’s about 30% career blues and 70% miscellaneous.

As far as the name – it’s from a couple poems.  It works, I think.

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