Finding your passion blows

Finding your passion and following your heart is a good thing, right?  K, so why does it suck so much?  Cause it’s hard.  Real hard. For anyone unfamiliar with my story, I’ve been trying to quit my job since I started … Continue reading

Apple braid pie gone awry

While finding a career I’m passionate about has been difficult, I have no trouble finding things to get excited about in other arenas.  Largely, cooking and reading. I found a recipe on Pinterest for Apple Braid Bread and thought it looked amazing. I … Continue reading

Groupon CEO gets fired, cracks me up, wins heart

There’s already been a lot of buzz about Groupon CEO Andrew Mason being asked to step down (Crain’s taunted the CEO position was Groupon’s ‘toughest sell yet’). No doubt it’s a bummer now that it’s official, but he’s got to be relieved … Continue reading