Decisions, Decisions

It’s been a while since I’ve written, mainly because I sit around all day daydreaming about my upcoming vacation to the Maldives.  Srsly – Monday is tax day, I got a new VS bikini and just had a run in with food poisoning.  I AM READY FOR THE BEACH.  But I’m also ready to get back to SweetandTwenty (mainly so I can blog about the Maldives).

I normally don’t do WordPress’s daily writing prompt, but I have a great answer for today’s prompt.

How are you more likely to make an important decision – by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Ready?  Here’s how I make important decisions: I don’t.  Rather, I procrastinate until my options expire, let someone else decide, or make a decision based on something trivial like how close it will get me to a Taco Bell.


Right now my friend is trying to decide where to go to law school.  She was accepted into four law schools – different locations, each offering different amounts of financial aid.  One of them requires a deposit by Monday, so she’s stressed about where to go.  My advice?  Just make the deposit to see if she regrets it or gets excited for it.  Laziest way to figure out how you truly feel about a decision is to make it and figure out later if you’ve made a mistake.  Later, pro/con list!

How do you know you can trust what I say?  Because it doesn’t end with me giving unsolicited advice to friends, I live by my approach.  Here are some of the biggest decisions I’ve made in my life, and my absolute-total-complete lack of deciding.

  • What company to intern with: My school helped students get an internship through a matching program.  It’s set up so that after interviews the public accounting firms rank students, and the students rank the firms.  When “choosing” my rankings, I just gave the two firms that didn’t ask about my DUI during the interview equal points, and let the faculty decide (read: push me to whatever firm needed more people).
  • Which area to intern in: When deciding Tax versus Audit, I decided I liked my Tax I professor more.  I chose Tax so that I could take another class with him when I came back from my internship.
  • Where to get a job: My boyfriend at the time had interned in Chicago, and he liked it.  I thought maybe we’d stay together and it was only 3 hours from home.  We broke up 2 weeks into my internship.
  • What company to work for after college: The company I interned with offered me a job, and the economy was too bad to have a hope of getting a job anywhere else.  Boom – career.
  • Why to do an Ironman: I had always thought it was cool, and was getting bored with marathons.  My friend asked me if I was interested, and I said “sure”.  I did not own even a recreational bike and I didn’t know how to swim (unless we count the doggy paddle).
  • Why to move to India: It’s the only secondment available for tax people, and I didn’t like my job in Chicago.
  • Why I ate 4 pieces of pizza for lunch: They were sitting like right in front of me.

My next important decision will probably be where I work next.  Maybe I’ll research jobs to find and choose a role that is in tune with my skills and interests.  But probably I’ll just wait till I’m laid-off, apply to thirty jobs in a day, and then go work for the first one that calls me back.  Jai ho!

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