If you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll probably get Holi all over your new carpet

Happy Holi!  We killed it today at work.  No one expressly prohibited us from celebrating in the office, thus we took advantage.  It was tame enough to start, with people shaking hands, exchanging Happy Holi’s, and applying small stripes to each others’ faces.


A representative of The Man came by and saw what we were doing.  Worried we’d make a mess, she told us to go into the cafeteria (the cafeteria has tile floors).  Around the same time, Boss walked by.  We all jokingly asked Boss if he wanted to ‘play Holi’.  He declined, then promptly went to his office and closed the door.  This probably should have been all we needed to cease and desist.  But…come on.  We instead interpreted these two acts as a free pass to celebrate – so long as we kept it on the tile.  And celebrate we did. (We may or may not have kept it on the tile.)



From seeing what’s on our faces and clothing, you can imagine the floors…  Needless to say, The Man was upset.  Wished we would have used better judgment, and all that.  I guess hot pink doesn’t go well with new carpet?  ‘S a matter of opinion, if you ask me.

My transition back to normal human has been a rocky one.  I look ridiculous.  The girls at work scolded me, saying I “shouldn’t have gotten it wet”.  But I didn’t!  Maybe I was having such a good time I sweated it to my face.  Oh well, it was a great time and well worth it.  Even if we did ruin the chance to celebrate Holi for all of office posterity.  Happy Holi everyone!


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